Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Photo of the Day...8/21/12..."Cool"

You know what's cool? Technology!! This week my 12 year old is in San Diego with her grandma, visiting family.  Yesterday, she visited a surf museum and was able to see the surfboard that Bethany Hamilton was riding when she was attacked by a shark.  Since seeing the movie, Soul Surfer, Rachael has read the book and anything else she can get her hands on about Bethany, surfing and sharks...so this was a thrill for her to see.  And, because of technology, my sister sent me a picture of the moment.  And today...thanks to technology...I'm receiving regular pictures from Rachael's first-ever surf lesson and experience.  Yep...technology is cool.

You know what else is cool...my parents...because today marks their 47th wedding anniversary.  Yep...that's cool too.

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