Friday, January 18, 2013

Psalm 23...A Psalm for the Living

My three girls and I begin our school day together, reading from the Bible.  We read a chapter discussing the history, timeless principles evidenced, how it applies to us and our modern lives and how that particular selection is important to the overall purpose of the Bible, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We will also read a verse from the chapter in Proverbs that corresponds to the current date (e.g. we read from Proverb 18 today because it is January 18) and discuss what we can learn from these verses of wisdom.  Finally, we read a Psalm as an act of praise, thanks and worship of the Creator...our Creator.  Today, we read Psalm 23.

As we read through the verses, we noticed that the verbs were present tense..."The Lord IS my shepherd...he LEADS me beside quiet waters...he RESTORES my soul...He GUIDES me in paths of ARE with me...your rod and your staff, they COMFORT me."  Now, this portion of Scripture is often read during funerals, providing comfort for those left behind,  because the focus is usually about walking through the valley of death.  But, as we studied these words, it became obvious to us that this a Psalm for the living.  It can provide comfort throughout life if you rely on the Good Shepherd...if you let him lead you...restore your you in paths of righteousness.

As we wrapped up our discussion, my 15-year-old remarked, "It seems that it would be more appropriate to read that when a child is born than when someone dies...I think I'll do that when my children are born." What a wonderful tradition using this beautiful piece of Scripture that will be! assured...I can wait to experience it.  :)