Monday, September 28, 2009

Kid's Eye

Out of the blue, the four-year-old yelled "HOTDOG!"

It was actually the lifeboat on a Great Lakes Freighter that is now a museum in Sault St. Marie. Of all the things on the giant ship that could capture one's eye...and we had just finished lunch.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Same Person?

My youngest keeps me on my toes...her moods can swing pretty widely. I am beginning to dread the teenage years.

In the afternoon, she was trying to lure her older sister away from schoolwork to jump on the trampoline. I interrupted, informing the 4-year-old that her sisters couldn't go play at that moment. She replied "It's not your business!" We immediately retired to another room for a business talk.

At dinner, one of her sisters dripped water onto the floor. Without being asked, she went to the kitchen, got a paper towel and dried up the water.

Before bedtime, she exited the family room by walking backwards...beeping as she went.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Favorite Invention Friday!!!

Swim goggles have been a staple of our waterplay gear for years. We have gone through several pair...whether they were discarded due to wear, broken straps or simply didn't fit the owner any longer. I love these for the underwater world that they open up for my kids...being able to see rocks or fish clearly...being able to jump fearlessly into a pool or lake with no fear of discomfort to the eyes. I also love them in a fun photo.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kid's Eye

Heading up north at that time of day when the sun was sitting just low enough that it was flashing at us from behind the trees as we moved along the highway. The four-year-old, shielding her eyes, said "Mom! The sun is taking pictures of me!"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kid Art

Fall starts officially this week...and one of the perks is apples. Here is some apple art by my three daughters. The first was done by the 11-year-old with paint. The second was created by the 9-year-old with crayons. The last, but not least, was made by the 4-year-old with crayons.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seventeen Years

Today, my hero and I are celebrating 17 years of marriage. It is fun to think back to that special day in my life...

Remembering how my special-order contact ripped one week before and I was sure I would either have to wear my coke-bottle glasses in my wedding pics or not see one thing that we had so carefully planned (it arrived the day before the wedding).

I remember Jeff taking a sip of the wine during the communion and me draining the WHOLE cup during my turn (no idea what I was thinking!!). I still remember the priest's expression when he looked into the challis...and Jeff rolling his eyes.

I remember my uncle who had enjoyed a little too many "beverages" congratulating Jeff's cousin, Pat, on his marriage....thinking he was Jeff.

We had this cute idea to change into black and white sweats...carefully decorated to look like a bride and that we could dance and not trash the "weddin' clothes". Cute, eh? At the was. We looked like total dorks on the plane to Jamaica the next day, though. (How I talked Jeff into this is beyond me. He's a trooper!)

Jeff's dad had ball caps made with our names and the wedding date on them. He distributed those to the wedding party on the evening of the rehearsal. The priest even used it in his sermon during the ceremony. We still have a couple of those knocking around the house.

I remember how the limo to take us down to the airport didn't show. My dad was not a happy camper with that company. But Jeff's best man/college roommate and his look-a-like cousin/recent roommate chauffeured us...way more fun than being driven by some stranger.

And while it is amusing to recall those special details, the important one that stands out for me is that we made a commitment to one another before God...for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. Each of our days has fallen into one of those categories...and each day teaches us more about ourselves and each other. With seventeen years behind us, I'm already looking forward to what tomorrow and the days ahead bring.

You can read more about my hero here, here, and here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Favorite Invention Friday!!!

My friendship with the calculator has been has had different phases.

As a child, it was a toy..."What words could I spell?...HELLO...SHELLOIL...".

As a student that often found herself in math and science classes (pursuing an engineering degree will do that to you), it was often a necessity with homework, labwork and tests.

As an engineer, it was tool to getting the job done...whether calculating dimensions, machine rates or budget numbers.

And, even now, as a wife and homeschooling has a role in my life. Sometimes it's conversions in the kitchen or working on my budget. But, currently, it's most important job is helping me correct three- and four-digit multiplication and long division problems. I think this may be one of its most important functions yet.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Invitation

I don't know about you, but for years I would sit in church and listen to what I considered children's Bible stories and some teachings from Jesus' best friends. I had done some Bible studies with friends, but never really got the whole picture. Then ten years ago (Wow! I need a moment to recover from the realization of how long ago that was...) a friend invited me to a Bible study to which she had recently been invited. That one invitation led me to an education that I am so thankful for. And that is what I am extending to you now...

As summer comes to an end and all of our schedules begin to take shape for the fall, I would like to invite you to BSF -- Bible Study Fellowship. You can find more info about it and where to find a local class by going here.

Let me share with you what I gained from this experience.
  • I came to understand that the entire Bible is about Jesus Christ.
  • I came to understand that the Old Testament is not just a collection of children's stories, but foreshadowing of Jesus and His sacrifice for me.
  • I came to understand the Epistles, Psalms and Proverbs.
  • BSF provides historical and cultural context to make the Scripture clearer.
  • The study is all about the commentaries.
  • They have a wonderful children's program!
  • It's for everyone...there were over 150 churches represented in the class I attended.
  • It created a habit of daily Bible reading and study.
  • It helped me see the modern application of the timeless principles shared in the Bible.
  • It challenged me regularly to examine my motivations, relationships and attitudes.
  • I met wonderful ladies!

The BSF is a seven year program. I have been through the entire program once already. I am planning to return this year. I wanted to give my youngest the opportunity to participate in the BSF program. And, I know that I will learn because I am at a different point in my faith journey.

So...what do you say? Not sure what to do next? Go to the website link I shared above...look for a local the administrator to find out when the next intro class is being held and go. There's no charge...and you can always change your mind. Now, there is work involved to get the most out of the class...but I promise that it is worthwhile and you will be blessed through the effort.

Update (10/22/09) -- They are adding an infant program! Yay for the young moms who will now be able to participate!! And they are adding a study of be done next year. Yay!! My pastor has been covering Isaiah for the last several months, but you may never had the privilege of learning about it deeply. I'm excited to go over it again...catching any pieces I missed and re-inforcing the ones I caught.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Overheard in the Backseat

This episode actually happened a few months ago on a road trip to Arkansas. It had popped up in my memory and then I heard the girls recalling I thought I'd share it.
11-year-old to younger sister: "You are my favorite 8-year-old."
Younger sister: "I'm 9."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yes I Did!

While on a family vacation this past weekend, I read to the kids each night from James Herriot's Treasure for Children. My nine-year-old would often read the title of the evening's story as I was getting settled. After she had done this the third night, I complimented her reading skills. She looked at me and said "You did that!" recognizing me as her teacher. My heart instantly warmed as I thanked God for allowing me the opportunity to raise each of my girls, teach each of my girls and get to soak in the related rewards of such tasks.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Favorite Invention Friday!!!

You may be asking "What is it?" It is a FM transmitter for my Ipod. I plug it into the lighter socket in the car, plug the other end into the portable jukebox, set the radio to the appropriate FM station and enjoy. I love this contraption because it allows us to enjoy whatever we want to listen, audiobooks, educational name it. And, it charges my iPod...BONUS! Someday I will have a vehicle with the fancy little jack that you can plug the iPod directly into ... but it still won't charge it. (I guess you could always plug a car charger into the iPod while listening via the fancy jack, but please allow me to enjoy the fact that I only have to use one cord to accomplish both tasks!). :)

Happy Friday all!