Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Invitation

I don't know about you, but for years I would sit in church and listen to what I considered children's Bible stories and some teachings from Jesus' best friends. I had done some Bible studies with friends, but never really got the whole picture. Then ten years ago (Wow! I need a moment to recover from the realization of how long ago that was...) a friend invited me to a Bible study to which she had recently been invited. That one invitation led me to an education that I am so thankful for. And that is what I am extending to you now...

As summer comes to an end and all of our schedules begin to take shape for the fall, I would like to invite you to BSF -- Bible Study Fellowship. You can find more info about it and where to find a local class by going here.

Let me share with you what I gained from this experience.
  • I came to understand that the entire Bible is about Jesus Christ.
  • I came to understand that the Old Testament is not just a collection of children's stories, but foreshadowing of Jesus and His sacrifice for me.
  • I came to understand the Epistles, Psalms and Proverbs.
  • BSF provides historical and cultural context to make the Scripture clearer.
  • The study is all about the commentaries.
  • They have a wonderful children's program!
  • It's for everyone...there were over 150 churches represented in the class I attended.
  • It created a habit of daily Bible reading and study.
  • It helped me see the modern application of the timeless principles shared in the Bible.
  • It challenged me regularly to examine my motivations, relationships and attitudes.
  • I met wonderful ladies!

The BSF is a seven year program. I have been through the entire program once already. I am planning to return this year. I wanted to give my youngest the opportunity to participate in the BSF program. And, I know that I will learn because I am at a different point in my faith journey.

So...what do you say? Not sure what to do next? Go to the website link I shared above...look for a local the administrator to find out when the next intro class is being held and go. There's no charge...and you can always change your mind. Now, there is work involved to get the most out of the class...but I promise that it is worthwhile and you will be blessed through the effort.

Update (10/22/09) -- They are adding an infant program! Yay for the young moms who will now be able to participate!! And they are adding a study of be done next year. Yay!! My pastor has been covering Isaiah for the last several months, but you may never had the privilege of learning about it deeply. I'm excited to go over it again...catching any pieces I missed and re-inforcing the ones I caught.


David Dollinger said...

Its awesome to hear stories of people seeing the bible with "new eyes." I am thankful that I have been a follower for only 18 years, and God gives me new eyes to see on a daily basis. May God bless you to be an overflowing fountain as you go through the studies. Stay strong Tracy, you are awesome.

Tracey said...

Thanks, Dave! There's always a new lesson...even if it's the umpteenth time of hearing or reading the same Scripture.