Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Photo of the Day...8/13/12..."Simple"

See...I just had to let go of the pressure of getting a pic, inspired by the word "simple", and "Voila!"

The topic...getting back to the simple approach of getting things done...out of necessity.  Realized this morning that the water in the floor, near the dishwasher, was not evidence of need of further dog training.  Instead, it was water that had leaked from my almost-15-year-old dishwasher.  This trusted friend has lifted...or rather, washed...its load whenever called, sometimes more than once a day.  It may be time to retire it.  But, until I decide whether to stick with white appliances or to initiate the process of replacing all appliances with something other than white...I will return to the simple process of washing by hand...and my daughters will get the opportunity of appreciating the new dishwasher to come.  I imagine I will be mentally re-visiting all the memories of my sister's creative tactics to avoid or delay her role in this chore from our days of youth.  Good times.

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