Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photo of the Day...8/26/12..."Dream"

Today I was reunited with my 12 year old.  Rachael has been visiting San Diego with her grandma...hanging out with my sister's family (you can find my sister here).  It was a "dream come true" kind of trip for my daughter.  You see...she has been a huge fan of surfer Bethany Hamilton since seeing the movie "Soul Surfer".  And...on the third day of the trip, she found herself, board...with the actual surf board Bethany was riding when attacked by a shark.  And the swimsuit she wore when she returned to surfing.  Rachael was over the moon.  But it was just the beginning...because the very next day, her grandma treated her to surf lessons.  Who knows how long this interest will last?  But I'm so happy that she got to taste it up close and personal.

By the way...I can't take credit for this pic...but I love it.  It was taken on Rachael's camera by her grandma. But it qualifies for the topic...and I love it!

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