Monday, August 6, 2012

Photo of the Day...8/6/12..."Writing"

(Sigh) mind went a hundred different directions with this inspirational prompt.  Do I capture a pic of a beloved recipe written in my mom's handwriting because I love those kind of treasures?  Do I confess, as a homeschooling mom, how I have always struggled to find any love for teaching the skill of handwriting?  Is "writing" just a mechanical skill or is it the art of stringing words together to paint pictures for a reader...whether written by hand, typed in a document or shared as a Facebook status? Well, whatever it is...I love it personally!  I love to journal...sometimes I do so with pen and paper as shown above, sometimes I capture thoughts in Evernote, and sometimes I inflict it on the reader here at this blog.  Each are therapeutic to put the mind at unburden oneself, getting it off your chest in as peaceful manner as capture a specific spot in a person's journey through express thoughts and emotions that are not as easy to verbalize.  And with this love of writing in mind, I, as a homeschooling mom, will persist in passing that love on as a treasure.  And if I don't least they will have my journals to draw a laugh.

You can learn more about the Photo of the Day challenge here.

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