Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Photo of the Day...8/28/12..."Clock"

Today I enjoyed a "getaway day" with my 12-year-old.  She has had an interest in the Titanic since seeing some of the hoopla around the 100th anniversary of the ship's tragic sinking on April 15 of this year.  So, we ventured down to the Titanic exhibit at  the Henry Ford Museum in the Dearborn, Michigan.  We had a great day, with the highlights being spending time together, enjoying a very interesting exhibit, beating the GPS original ETA on the way to the museum and the way home...and spending time together.

Knowing that today's "photo of the day" assignment was "clock", I had hoped I'd be able to get a picture of the clock at the top of the replica grand staircase featured in the exhibit.  Unfortunately, we couldn't take pics inside the exhibit.  Needing a plan B, I had hoped there would be some important clock on display somewhere in the museum...actually imagining an exhibition wall full of historic timepieces...or maybe one featuring clocks set to different time zones.  Again...no luck.  If there was anything clock-related in that museum, I didn't see it.  So, as we exited the museum I was beginning to formulate plan C...and there it was...standing tall between the museum entrance and the entrance to Greenfield Village.  Thank you very much.

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