Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zumba & I

I am not what you would call a Zumba enthusiast.  A handful of years ago, a friend had loaned me some Zumba DVDs to try out.  I tried this workout for a few minutes...until the music built up such a craving for chips and salsa that I had to make up a dish to enjoy while I watched the DVDs.  Since that time, I have avoided Zumba opportunities...because the chips-and-salsa craving seemed counter-productive.

I can't help but pause here and wonder what kind of music would inspire a carrot and celery craving for me. 


This Christmas, I received the Zumba package shown below, to be used on the Wii game.  I've decided to try it long enough to, not only rid myself of the chip-and-salsa craving caused by the music, but to also develop the impulse to break out into my best Zumba moves every time I have chips and salsa.  My kids are going to love this...especially at our fave local Mexican food joints.

One thing I did learn today from my animated Zumba instructors...every song requires a wardrobe change.  


famof6 said...

Oh Tracey, I love how you make me LOL everytime I read one of your blog writings! You are such an inspiring wife, mother and friend. Now, i'm off to get some salsa chips myself...that sounds good.

Buffafly said...

Haha! I love it! Can I have chips and salsa and WATCH you do Zumba? Or could I BE at the Mexican restaurant when you have chips and salsa? Ha! You make me laugh!

I am considering starting a Zumba class Friday. I will certainly be praying it makes me crave celery and carrots!

Love ya, Terri

Tracey said...

Watch me Zumba?! Ha! There is not a soul that could currently afford (i.e. pay me enough money) to be an audience to my Zumba moves. The comment from the 6 yr old who appeared while I was in the midst of my moves said "Well...that's interesting." I won't give anyone else the chance to opine.