Friday, January 20, 2012

One Regret

I understand that I should try to live my life with no regrets.  And, I promise, I do try to keep that in mind with each choice. But, I confess, that I will breathe my last breath here on earth with at least one...that I did not start eating guacamole at a  much earlier age.  I enjoy it so much that my eyes are now open, looking for other ways to enjoy avocados (Thank You, Pinterest!).

I'm not sure that I have enough time in this life to make up for all the years in which I did not liberally add this green happiness to tacos...and enchiladas...and quesadillas...and nachos...and...well, you get the picture.  But the Bible teaches that life in the Father's kingdom will be so much better than the earthly life (e.g. no tears, no pain, etc. as told in Revelation 21:4). So, while I certainly have plans for the two beauties you see below in the coming eyes are set on the uber-guacamole that just has to be served at the banquet table in Heaven.

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