Monday, January 16, 2012

A Sample of My Life

If you want to get just a little peek into someone's life, try going through their pics on their phone.  I was sitting at cheer leading practice for the 11 year old tonight...taking a break from reading...and decided to clean out the photos on my phone.  I really wish it had occurred to me to share many of the pics here...but the subject of my blog post for today had not formed yet.  So, while I have some to share below, you will have to trust me on the rest of them.  Here is a list of just some of the pics, going back to last summer...
  • Sunset over Lake Michigan at Ludington State Park
  • Pile of petoskey stones found in Torch Lake
  • Our new roommate, a dachshund/beagle mix named Lucy
  • Dog food labels with prices as we researched the best choice for our newest roommate
  • Cover of a drawing book the 14 year old had found and wanted to remember for purchasing later
  • Some gift ideas for loved ones
  • Various crafts and decorations that I'm sure I can make...or that someone I know could make
  • Our new camper
  • Various pics of the kids...on a road trip to North Carolina, on a hayride, in class at our homeschooling co-op, at a cousin's wedding, standing next to a vintage purple slugbug
  • My grandparents headstone
  • Pics and notes by the kids
  • And these...
When my parents and my in-laws leave town in the fall for warmer climates, I inherit what is in their fridge.  This year, the haul from my mother-in-law's kitchen included a head of cabbage.  The pic above is a simple recipe I found online via my laptop.  Not wanting to print or haul my laptop into the kitchen, I just took a picture of it.

I remember taking my firstborn to a special Santa breakfast with friends and we made crafts.  I remember taking my eldest and second daughter to the mall to meet Santa and have photos taken.  This year, I lucked out...there was a Santa just walking around the local JoAnn fabric store.  He gave them each a candy cane, asked them what they wanted for Christmas and then asked me if I wanted to take a picture.  This is it.  Check mark!!
This is just a small corner of a slice of heaven called "Charming Charlie".  I found it during a visit to one of the malls while Christmas shopping.  I had to take a pic and send to my sister in California, proposing to pay this bling-y wonderland a visit together while she was home for Christmas.  We did visit...twice...and we scored some treasure.
As I flipped through the various pics tonight, it was fun to recall details related to each...other memories from a trip, the comment made right after the picture was taken, or the thorough discussion over what was the best nutritious, yet economical dog food to buy for the dog.

Can't wait to see the scrapbook I unknowingly put together on my phone for 2012.

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Falula said...

See? You're a digi-scrapper. I'd have to edit mine before sharing.