Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Life Lesson, Courtesy of the Toilet

We had arrived home from church, each heading to their respective rooms to don Sunday afternoon hanging-at-home clothes.  It wasn't long before the 11 year old was calling her dad to the bathroom, her friend exclaiming, "Oh my goodness!" in the background.

Apparently, the 6 year old had made a stop in the bathroom prior to changing clothes.  After finishing her business, she flushed.  And when the water was not receding, but rising...she decided to keep flushing until it worked.  As you can imagine, the water level reached the top of the bowl and spilled onto the floor.

After the problem was resolved and the cleanup was finished, I pulled the 6 year old aside to explain that you only flush once and if it doesn't work, you seek help.  We went on to discuss that this is true of many of the challenges we have in life.  If you are trying to solve a problem, and the first solution does not work, you need to seek another solution or assistance.  Don't just keep trying to flush...the problem is just as likely to get worse, besides not going away.

Note:  With the subject matter of today's post, I've decided not to include a "pic of the day".  You are welcome.


Angela said...

Too funny and so true! How do I view the pic?

Tracey said...

Sorry! No pic due to subject matter. Thanks for visiting!