Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The day started out wonderfully...bellied up to my parents' dining room table where you could pick your poison...biscuits with gravy or biscuits and chocolate syrup (I confess that I had one of each!). This was my sister's final exam after being schooled by my dad on making the gravy and my mom on creating the syrup. She passed with flying colors, launching us into some sisterly shopping time...getting her Haloburger check mark before leaving town...and hanging in my kitchen as I made potato and leek soup, the Pioneer Woman's macaroni and cheese recipe (my nephew's request) and buttermilk pie (just because my sister was curious after I had mentioned it). We ended our day just as we had begun them...with full bellies and the warm, fuzzy feelings of good times spent with loved ones...but also with the heartache of farewell. As my sister (visit her here) and nephew return to California, I'll begin counting down the days until our next visit. Adios, Falula!!

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