Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Gift

I have a devotional book that I received from my best friend back in the mid-90s. Each page assigned a calendar day and some faith-based message. Some are heavy and some are quite humorous. I keep it in a convenient place (i.e. my bathroom) where I am almost guaranteed to lay my eyes and hands on it each day, as long as we are home.

Back in 2006, I started writing the current year on the page if I had read it. I set some rules for turning pages back to a missed day or jumping ahead if I know I will not be home to read it. I can only read the current day. And if something of significance happens on a specific day, I make sure to note it. This gives me the chance to give thanks on those specific anniversaries for lessons learned and unexpected blessings.
I always have a pen handy so that I can underline any statement or phrase that convicts me or gets my brain to working.  It's interesting to notice each year what has seemed previously underline-worthy and what was not...all evidence of my new location in life's journey.

This book has been such a precious gift to me...and I hope that it will be a precious gift to my daughters someday...a keepsake sharing my faith and life events with them, a place for them to visit each day to relive a Bible verse or lesson through my eyes.  I also hope to plant some seed in them to always spend some time with their Creator and Savior each day...even if it is only for a few minutes...even if it's in the bathroom.

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