Monday, July 6, 2009

What a teeny tiny HUGE World We Live in

If you are reading this at my actual blog site and not through a feed, look up there at the top of page but below all that toolbar stuff. See where it says "Next Blog"? When you are done bouncing around my ramblings, click on it and find out where it takes you. I am always amazed! In the blink of an eye, I am whisked away to any number of places in the world...shown through pictures and languages. I may land on a blog created by some happy parents who just want to keep distant relatives up-to-date on their biological roommates. I may land on an artist's page where photos or sketches can mesmerize. Maybe it's a blog about techie stuff or political stuff. Sometimes it is inappropriate and I speedily click "Next Blog" to whisk me away and sometimes it is an absolute joy that I linger over. Today, I landed on a blog documenting the money found on the streets of New York City by a single person(you can read about it here) The blogger promises to write until $100,000 is collected...currently at $25.98. So many people with so many passions. I am reminded of the concept that we can learn something from each person we encounter because everyone is an expert at something.

I wonder what I can teach anyone.

If you are bouncing around the "Blogger" world and land here...and learn are welcome. But, if you don't benefit in any way...I'm sorry. Please click on "Next Blog".

Now, if you are reading this post through a feed, you have homework. Go to the original postand read from the beginning again.

Happy Travels! Let me know what interesting blog destination you find.


Anonymous said...

I bookmarked the found money site...good stuff. Amy Cross

Tracey said...

It'll be fun to keep track of it, for sure! That same blogger has a blog about the buttons she finds. Everything has a story.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I know when I found that feature I thought "OHMYGOSH! I've got NEIGHBORS!" So strange, isn't it? I know some of the foreign visitors shown in my feed widgit have done what you have ... and I always wonder what they think of us Americans! Love your blog, Tracey!