Friday, July 31, 2009

Favorite Invention Friday!!!

Today I am celebrating one of God's best inventions EVER....GRANDPARENTS!!! I could spend my whole day describing why they are awesome. Here's my evidence, though, just for this week

We have a grandma, who is out of town taking care of my grandma, writing multiple letters each week and sending treasures to the girls. This week, the grandpa, that goes with that grandma, let the girls hang out with the him for a few hours while I had an appointment. He took them all on a date to McDonald's, made sure there was treasure in the treasure boxes that grandma usually maintains and had the Power Wheels jeep battery charged. And finally, my in-laws are taking all of them away for the annual Torch Lake weekend with their cousins. They celebrate special days...such as backwards day (have dessert for breakfast, pancakes for dinner and wear their clothes backwards) and everyone's birthday...they swim...enjoy the special menu that their grandma planned just for them...go fishing with grandpa...enjoy adventures unforeseen at this time. The kids have so much fun that they start counting down to the next year's trip the moment they return from this year's excursion.

They all set a very high bar for grandparents. And they each are blessing in our lives.

Back to my material enjoyments next week!


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

SO fortunate your kids are! To have BOTH sets of grandparents nearby! WOW! What sweet considerate love they are adding to the lives of your girls!

Tracey said...

I know, Joni! I remind them often how blessed they are to have the granparents they do, the time with those grandparents that they do and the memories they are making. Thanks for visiting!