Friday, July 17, 2009

My Favorite Quote Today

This morning I had left a message for a homeschooling friend to call me back...I had a task that I wanted to see if she was up to. It was a long time, an hour perhaps, before she returned the call. In that hour, though, another solution had presented itself. Now, before I tell you her response, let me explain that I know that she would take on whatever was asked...that is what makes it so funny. Here is a (rough) summary of the call.
Me: "Hello!"
Friend: "Hi! Just returning your call."
Me: "I appreciate you calling back. Since I left you the message though, the spot has been filled."
Friend: "Procrastination pays off again!"

Update 7/28/09 -- Oops! I was looking at something else and in a skim over this post saw that I said "It was a long time...before she returned the call". What I meant to say was "It was NOT a long time...". My sincerest apologies!!

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