Friday, July 17, 2009

Favorite Invention Friday

It's Friday, People!!! Ya know what that means, right?!! That's right!! I get to talk about something that makes my life enjoyable!!

Today, I'm talking about my cell phone with the QWERTY keyboard for easy texting!!!

Now, I believe I was a little late to the texting party...really only started about 18 months ago-ish. But I love it! I love it because it saves time! You might be thinking "What?!" It does, its saves time and cements relationships. My sister lives in CA and I live in MI. She's a busy, working wife and mom. I'm a busy wife and homeschooling mom. If something strikes me as funny, have a question, need to let her know the check is in the mail...I can text it and I'm done within seconds. If I had had to make a call, it would have taken several minutes because her and I just don't do quick phone calls. While I love talking to her, neither of us have time for daily 30 minute phone conversations. So, I saved time for both of us and still got to communicate with her. The phone has provided the same benefit in regards to some of my closest friends. We don't have time to talk everyday, but I can send them a text to let them know I'm thinking of them or that I need an arrow prayer (a prayer you shoot up quickly, short and sweet) in no time at all. I'm quite excited that my mom is now trying out texting in her life. I expect the same benefits. And finally, I love that I can easily drop a love note to my husband...whenever I feel like it.

And I love the QWERTY because of it's ease! My right thumb would get sore when I texted on my old phone and texting took longer.

Now, I do understand that there is a time to text and a time not to. Don't ignore others that are with you to text someone who is not with you...excuse yourself if it is urgent and IMPORTANT. And, don't make texting your primary mode of communication. It is better to talk to whole sentences as opposed to abbreviated-text-speak. Utilize it when you need convenience. Beware of letting texting language (e.g. using "r" for "are", "u" for "you") influence how you write normally...that would make all those high school English classes a waste of time and we don't want to do that....and it looks unprofessional in a work-related memo or email. And, you could fall into an open manhole if you are not paying attention while texting, and lose a shoe (go here for the story).

So, thank you, cell phone with the QWERTY keyboard, for all you do in my life!!! I won't leave home without you...on purpose anyway.

See you next week on FIF!!


Falula said...

The funniest thing about this is that when you first said you were going to blog about invention Fridays, I really read that as inTERvention Fridays.

I kept meaning to ask you how the floatie suit was an intervention, or whether it needed one. I was a bit concerned about you, frankly. Now I realize that my concern should be self-appointed. Ha!

I, too, am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you've embraced QWERTY!

Tracey said...

INTERVENTION may be appropriate for some of the items discussed.