Saturday, June 27, 2009

"We Should Have Named You Grace"

"We should have called you Grace". Yep...that's what my mom said to me upon hearing of another of my clumsy mishaps. You see, I have this propensity...really a superhero-type falling and other crazy acrobatics...over things unseen even. Take yesterday as an example.

I shut my hair in my car door. Now, before I describe what really happened...I am dying to know what you visualize based only upon that sentence. Was I inside the car or outside? Was it the bangs or a side section...or a pony tail? Was the car running? My husband assumed I was outside the car and wondered how I got loose. Anyhow...on with the facts.

I jumped into my van to run an errand. Always trying to live up to the maternal expectation of "multi-tasking"...I decided to close the door while leaning towards the door so that I can remove my cell phone from my front right pocket (another super-hero power of mine...long, run-on sentences). Impressive, eh? Imagine my surprise just after the door closed and the phone had been extracted, when I go to straighten up in my seat and feel the painful tug of my head, by my hair, back to the door. My first thought..."Did anyone else see that?" Of course, I couldn't look around to find out. I quickly opened the door, pulled my barely-hits-the-shoulder tresses out, closed the door, started the car and drove live another day to assault...myself.


eve said...

I pictured you on the outside of the door until I remembered how easy it is to have hair (has to be long though) roll up with the seatbelt during its retraction...I would have loved to see it.

Tracey said...

Thank goodness I have not seen any papparazzi pics of the event show up online...yet. You'll have to show me the seatbelt trick some time, Eve. :)