Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorite Invention Friday!!!

My mom provided the suggestion for this week's celebrated invention. Over a year ago, she was laughing at me upon realizing that I had grown accustomed to calling this contraption a "chip clip" because that is its primary function in our home. She even gave me 40 of them on my ... 29th birthday :) . When did I transition from "clothespin" to "chip clip"? No idea...but it happened. Now, we do use it as a clothespin when we are camping. Something has to keep those wet towels and swimsuits from hitting the ground. My husband has used them to secure lights to the awning on the camper. So, maybe my summer uses will lead me back to the original nomenclature...or maybe not (they are still used as chip clips when we camp).

Do you have any unusual uses for the humble "clothes pin"..."chip clip"..."bomb diffuser" (I bet it was used for this purpose on more than one "MacGyver" episode)?

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