Friday, October 16, 2009

Favorite Invention Friday!!!

You thought I had forgotten, hadn't you, dear readers? But, I had not. As I thought about what wonder I would celebrate today...I decided to wait. You see...I knew we were going to the orchard.

I knew that we were going to buy apples.

I knew that I had thought about canning applesauce (a Rachael Ray recipe that I love...warm in the fall and cold in the summer).

I knew this would take quite a few apples.

I knew that I would not like peeling the said apples.

I knew that I would love one of those tool bench peelers (Jeff had even suggested one when I casually mentioned trying my hand at canning the applesauce).

So, I waited...

And we did go to the orchard.

We did buy apples (2 for 1 on McIntosh today...PERFECT!).

And I did buy one of those peelers. It took two trips into the store, but I found one on the second trip in. (I do realize that there have probably been 58 of those available at garage sales within two miles of my home for the last four months for the very reasonable price of $1.)

And I love it!! It PEELS, it SLICES and it CORES! A little piece of heaven on earth. And I received lots of assistance preparing the apple sauce tonight...all because there was a toy/tool/machine involved.

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