Friday, October 9, 2009

Favorite Invention Friday!!!

Here it is! Favorite Invention Friday!!! This week's honoree is very similar to last week' is relevant to HEAT!!!

As you may realize, it is October in Michigan...a chill is in the air. Early this week, I was treated with such a treat by my husband. While I was away from the house running errands, he connected the mattress heating pad. That night I crawled into bed and the flannel sheets were toasty!!! Aaaahhhh...

So, this week I would like to honor the mattress heating pad. Now that I have had the privilege of enjoying one for a few years, I would put it right up there with food, clothing and shelter during the chilly mid-western autumn and frigid winter. I turn it on about thirty minutes before going to bed and it is sufficiently pre-heated when I manage to fall in to it. Did I say "Aaaahhh..." yet? I recommend that you put one of these on your Christmas list.

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