Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who Was the First?

Last night while pulling into a parking lot, we see a young man crossing our path. He is ever-trendy with his jeans cinched at least half way down his bum. You know how you might sometimes pick up your pace to clear the way for an oncoming vehicle? This guy couldn't picked up the pace if he wanted for fear of losing his drawers.

It got me pondering...who is the first person to see their friend with ill fitting pants and compliment them on the look? "That is so cool, dude, how I can see your underwear!" Any time you see some questionable fashion moves, someone was with the shopper in the dressing room, encouraging them to buy it...with no concern for the rest of us who have to look at it. A funny side story to the whole issue is what the buyer ended up paying for such mistakes. And then do they overpay for underwear that is suitable to show at the top of their jeans?

And have you ever wondered what led to the necessity for a seemingly silly or overly obstructive rule or law? I bet you that most times it is a very funny story or a very sad one.


eve said...

I was the person cheering on the fashion victim! Accept, approve and appreciate! Appreciate means entertaining.

Tracey said...

Were you the one who gave the class clown all of his best ideas too, Eve? Fashion victims really can be entertaining. I am probably a fashion victim because so many of my items are "vintage classics" -- i.e. I don't go shopping very much. But I do manage to not show my underwear purposefully...can't control the unpurposeful showings. :)