Friday, March 20, 2009

What's Your Measurement System?


Let's have more fun with measurement! I will start!

How big is your house? Let's measure in "MOMs". That is the number of times your child must call for you before they find you. Why DO they start calling and talking to me, before they get to me? Sorry ... a whole other issue...back to our program. I do realize that this will change with their pace (e.g. urgent=running=fewer "MOMs"). It also will vary with their size and related stride length.

Who needs 30 minute meals? I measure in how many times I hear "Is dinner ready?" It gets exponentially faster the more times it is asked because the asker is usually put to work, thus speeding up the delivery of chow to the table.

Today I met my sister-in-law in Portland, MI so that my niece could come and spend the weekend with us. The trip...75 hour...who cares about that? How many High School Musical Soundtracks can we get through? For those that are curious...a song over two full soundtracks gets you there.

Or you could measure your trip in the number of McDonald's passed...therefore, how many times "I want McDonald's" can be hollered by the three-year-old.

I must admit that I am not ready to apply measurement to the amount of time it takes us to get through school on selected days. Those are the times that I think carbon dating could be applied meauring the time elapsed from the top of the math page to the bottom.

Our government could be measured in dollars printed ...bailouts passed...bonuses apprehended...taxes not paid by appointed, nominated or elected officials.

The possibilities are endless...have fun!

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