Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crawling Heavenward

Do you ever struggle with what it means to be a Christian? Am I supposed to be joyful or worry about the rules I'm breaking? Have you ever been confused by others when they discuss their relationship with Christ? Do you repeatedly beat yourself up for being a "bad" Christian? Perhaps you think you don't pray enough. Perhaps your Bible has dust on it. Perhaps you have found yourself distracted by worldly pursuits and influences. I have a book to recommend to you.

Elizabeth Prentiss wrote Stepping Heavenward in 1869, but it's lessons still apply today. It is a journal of a fictional character as she grows in her faith. As I said, it is a work of fiction; but I am sure it is backed up by a very realistic testimony, because it is so relatable. And it is a classic, that can be read repeatedly, with new treasures revealed each time. I have been through it twice now. I have been convicted and challenged throughout the work each time -- hence I find myself in more of a crawling posture and pace.

Now, while it is based upon the life of young woman, I do think the testosterone set would be able to glean much from her spiritual journey and the examples of the men in her life. A side benefit -- a peak into the female mind and emotions. That will help with a whole different kind of journey for the men in our lives!

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