Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Air Mail

This past Sunday night...long after the kids had been put to bed...I hear a door click open.  This is followed by some scurrying sounds that you know are trying to be kept covert, though unsuccessful.  Suddenly, on the couch next to me, lands a paper airplane...followed by a noisy retreat and a door clicking closed.  I opened the message to read the following..."DAD and MOM...My mom and dad are good...are very very big good."  Or she said we were "very very big goob" because her last letter was turned around.  But we prefer to believe that she meant the former.  Though it was well past the 7-year-old's bedtime, I was touched by her sweetness that capped the day.  We quietly sneaked into her room and kissed her head.

The next night...long after the kids had been put to bed...and just as we were getting ready to crash ourselves...our bedroom door opened and another plane sailed into our realm, followed by another noisy retreat.  This message said the following:  "MY MOM and DAD 2...My mom lets me play on her nook...My dad is fun...by Marrin".

Now I could get all wrapped up in how she was being so disobedient by not staying in bed...about how she was up too late on a "school night"...but it just wasn't in me.  I was blinded by this sweet act...that she could not rest her weary head until she had made her feelings of love and appreciation known.  And as time marches on rapidly, I know that I need to enjoy these moments.

I also learned a lesson from her...if it is on my heart to pour out my love to someone...do it...don't wait until tomorrow...don't wait until it's convenient...don't put it off because you are worried about the consequences. Perhaps they need to hear it.  When asked about the greatest commandments, Jesus first taught to love God with all your heart, soul and mind.  He followed this up with the instruction to love our neighbor as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:34-40).  This instruction does not mean to just refrain from treating someone poorly (e.g. impatiently, critically, etc.) because we don't care to be treated that way.  It also means to treat others as well as we like to be treated.  If we enjoy it when someone heaps love and praise on us...then others will enjoy it when we heap love and praise on them.

Truth be told...I'm hoping that a "DAD and MOM 3" appears tonight.

Update 11/14/12: We did receive another note labeled "3 MOM and DAD" last night.  This one did have a slightly different tone that made us both laugh.

The night before, the 7 year old had taken the initiative to cut her own bangs, surprising me with them in the morning.  Prior to going to bed last night, her dad was teasing her with the moniker "Inigo Montoya" of Princess Bride fame because of the way her curly new hairdo looks.  Well, she had the last word.

The note said, "My mom is fun...my dad is not.  My mom lets me play on her nook.  Ha Ha for Dad.  I love my mom...my dad not so much...by Marrin."

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