Wednesday, January 5, 2011

His Earthly Army of Angels

The text message arrived this morning, 24 days since the car accident..."Hi there! Just wondered if you were going 2 be home this afternoon? I made a chicken pot pie & have some rolls for you? Hope you are all getting stronger everyday"...I can not help but be overwhelmed by the cocoon that the Heavenly Father has woven around us through His earthly army of angels, allowing us to heal and focus on each other. And this band of caretakers was called into action before we ever emerged from our vehicle...witnesses of the accident calling 911, comforting and assisting us before help arrived, the homeowner whose yard we landed in bringing out warm wet towels so we could clean our faces, the unsung heroes of police and emergency workers just doing their job, my in-laws covering so many bases that we were unable to fully cover that day and in the days since, a corps of families from church springing to action to pray and fill every need (known and unknown), and friends and family who have called, written and prayed. I have a pile of personal thank you's to write but could not get past the need today to write something, praising God for His provision and care for us through so many (see Psalm 103:20-22 above).

While I am thankful for the many terrible things that did not happen on December 12, I am grateful for what has happened. My family has received an intensive crash course (pun intended :) ) in serving and caring for others. While I have prepared meals for others when an expectant mom has been relegated to bed rest or when someone has been limited by a recent surgery, my eyes have been open to countless opportunities where I did not step up and serve enough. What follows is just a short list of the gifts of love, time and service we have received.
  • So many generous the time everything is out of my freezer, we will have been fed for at least 5 weeks.
  • My laundry was done...though they had to sneak it away while I was at the hospital with our youngest daughter.
  • My floors have been swept and mopped. The floors would have been vacuumed but that had been done earlier in the day.
  • Grocery shopping
  • Our driveway and sidewalk cleaned as needed
  • Christmas shopping
  • The wrapping of Christmas gifts
  • Breaking my two oldest daughters out of the house for a breather from all they have been called on to do
  • Notes, calls and emails to encourage us
  • Regular text messages offering assistance with errands

We have received so many gifts through this experience...the blessings of a family strengthened by trials, the blessings of a marriage strengthened by crisis, the shaping of character when faced with difficult times, the firming of faith when leaning fully on God and welcoming His will in all things and the gift of seeing His love for us in action. I pray that anyone faced with the trials that may occur in life can be blessed with these same gifts and more. And I pray that God will use me and my family similarly in the lives of others.


Anonymous said...

I love your sheer talent for writing and expression of the most beautiful thoughts...wish I could see you more often...just know you are in my prayers and an inspiration to be a better (more thoughtful) person. Chris

Falula said...

Mom and I would add our thank-you's to yours. Were it not for the swift, efficient and thoughtful mobilization of your friends and family there, it would have been impossible to keep us away. We are so very grateful for the community that surrounds you! Love you!

Tracey said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Chris & Falula!

Thank you, Chris...hard to take credit for my words that were placed on my heart.

Falula...I pray that all are as blessed as I am...with caretakers near and far.