Wednesday, November 21, 2012

7 Lessons (or Reminders) from the Film, LINCOLN

  1. Politics have always been contentious.
  2. My memory betrays me.  I know that I have memorized Lincoln's Gettysburg Address at some point in my life.  And beyond the first few words, I can recall none of it.  I realized this as I was watching three young Union soldiers recite it on the big screen.  The frustrating part is that I could thrill you with a full delivery of many theme songs from the 1970s and 1980s, but can't recall something as moving as Lincoln's brief speech.  I think it is time to re-commit it to memory.  My last resort will be setting it to music.
  3. I would prefer countless YouTube videos of people reciting the Gettysburg Address over those featuring lip-syncing performances of "Call Me Maybe".
  4. Daniel Day-Lewis is an excellent actor. I completely felt like I was watching the living, breathing 16th President of the United States of America...even better than Disney's Hall of Presidents.
  5. As the carnage of the Civil War covered the screen, I am reminded that I am not persistent enough in my thankfulness for the sacrifices made for this wonderful country and its freedoms.
  6. This movie was based upon only 4 months of Lincoln's presidency.  I need to read more about him.
  7. Having a teenager is cool!  We sent the three kids off, with the teenager in charge, to a kids' movie while we feasted on this flick...complete with our very own bucket of popcorn.


Natalie Brown said...

Hey! Anthony and I are planning to go see that movie so I guess I'll be thinking of these Lessons while watching it :) Hopefully most of it won't surprise me since I was a History major...

Buffafly said...

Just saw it!! Loved it! Had to write down those words, "Blood was spilt to afford us this moment," while he was weighing the decision whether to continue to fight the war. Powerful words! I couldn't help but think that Christ's blood was spilt to afford me this moment called life; I pray I use it fully!
Loved the movie!